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Selbstliebe is DER Schlüssel zum Glück.


Do you want to be good
or whole?


Selbstliebe Coaching Berlin. Alia Barwig. Kommunikationstrainer. Glückliche Beziehung ist gelungene Kommunikation.

Do you love yourself for real? If so, congratulations! That's winning the lottery. If not - good that you found your way here!


Because I would like to support you in accepting yourself and loving you more and more step by step, so that you - and everyone else around you - get some of your sparkle again.

This unconscious "no" to yourself creates problems or even dramas on the outside, such as conflicts in relationships, stress at work and disputes in the family.

Don't you often ask yourself:

  • Why doesn't my partner give me the love I desire so much?

  • Why am I getting so little recognition at work?

  • Why does nobody understand me and my life situation?

  • Why do I feel lonely and isolated so often?

  • Why am I so often overlooked?

  • Why can't I open my mouth in meetings?

  • What's the meaning of my life?

  • Fill in your own question here, which you come to me with


I'll find an answer together with you, I promise!

Selbstliebe und Selbswert sind Voraussetzung für eine glückliche Beziehung. Connective Coaching zeigt dir den Weg.
Connective Coaching führt Dich zu mehr Selbstliebe und zu einem glücklichen Leben.

Connective Coaching helps you to uncover and transform your patterns, beliefs and thought loops: we uncover them step by step and establish new, healthy beliefs and behaviors. In my coaching you will learn to understand yourself and your behavior better step by step, to accept it and to get the YES back to you. Through the unconditional YES to you, you will experience how your life is gradually changing for the better on the outside.

Self-love is often mistaken for selfishness. But self-love is THE key to your success: in relationships, at work, in friendships, in everyday life. Self-love is your best connection to the outside world.


Du bist die wichtigste Beziehung in Deinem Leben!
Inneres Strahlen

What you have been looking for all your life is YOU:
YOU are the most important relationship in your life!




Do you have an acute and specific problem with yourself or are you looking for a specific answer to a specific question? Then feel free to come to my one-on-one session. together we will find a solution for you!

150,- €

Shine Bright


Would you like to bring more joy and ease into your life in the long term? Do you have recurring situations in which you suffer? I would be happy to help you find your inner sparkle and get to the heart of your problems!

625,- €

Deep Dive


Do you need loving and continuous support on one or more topics that concern you and/or block you? Together we  dive deep into your blockages and find new solutions to "old" problems!

1250,- €

All coaching packages are individually tailored to you, depending on what you want to strengthen and which topic you currently have. Whether you have a specific concern or would like to rediscover your overall sparkle, feel free to contact me for a introductory call!

I coach in both German and English, payment in installments possible.


This is what clients say about my work


tax consultant

"During the coaching I always saw myself very well and felt supported. The various homework assignments helped me a lot with the implementation and I will continue to do some of them every day. {...] All in all, it was so much more than I had expected. Thank you for that, dear Alia! I can wholeheartedly recommend the coaching."


Owner of Sunnyside Fasten

"Alia is a totally authentic coach. She advised me intuitively and empathetically when I had communication problems with a very good friend. Alia put the topic in appropriate words and gave me concrete, actionable tips on how to be clear, determined and can affectionately appear in the next conversation-  just great and totally recommended!"


graphic designer

"Alia is a very warm person, with whom I felt 100% safe and accepted at every moment. During the coaching with her I was able to learn a lot about myself, strengthen my self-esteem and break free from negative beliefs. Thank you so much for your work and your empathy, Alia - I will definitely recommend you!"

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