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Often we feel separate, lonely, isolated from ourselves and the world. We have the nagging feeling that something inside us is not complete and we are desperately looking for this "something" on the outside. Thought patterns like "if the right partner finally comes along, then I'll be happy" or "if I finally have the right job, then I'll be happy" pull us down. They depress us and distract us from what is important.

We are missing "something", but we won't find it on the outside, but inside ourselves. Because what we are actually looking for all the time is the true connection to our core. We want to get back to ourselves, but we don't know how. I'll be happy to help you!

Coaching Berlin

May your light shine!


Dissolve repetitive negative thought patterns and find your way back to yourself and your happiness.


Use the true power of your inner connection in your relationships, your job and the world.


Make your dreams come true! Everything is possible when you shine from within. The world needs you and your glow! 


Connective Coaching Berlin


The connection to yourself is the central core topic of my work, because true power grows from your inner connection.

I, too, have been looking for "something" on the outside for a long time and have found it within myself in recent years. Magic happens when we reconnect - I've been in a happy relationship with myself, my partner ever since and have finally followed my calling. What I can do, you can too!


Meaningful connection is formed when we bravely share our truth


Connective Coaching is the right Coaching for you if...

... you are at a work or relationship related or other turning point in your life

... you keep stumbling over the same conflicts in your life - whether in your relationship, in your job or in the relationship with yourself

... you lack the meaning in life and you often get the feeling "Was that it already or is there more to it?"

... your everyday life is exhausting you and you are accompanied by inner restlessness, discomfort, irritability and sleep disorders


Alia Barwig



My self-love coaching strengthens the relationship with yourself, shows you old beliefs and thought patterns and opens the power within you. From this space you create a good relationship with yourself and a happy life. I would love to help you shine from within again!


Problems in relationships are (almost) always problems in communication - with yourself, with your partner, your children, your colleagues. Together we will explore how you create problems in relationships and which adjustment screws you can use to get them flowing again!


I've been "self-exploiting" myself for years and have slipped into a burn out. However, this experience saved me!  Would you also like to be less driven, calm down more and be relaxed and peaceful with yourself and the world?


This is what clients say about my work


tax consultant

"During the coaching I always saw myself very well and felt supported. The various homework assignments helped me a lot with the implementation and I will continue to do some of them every day. {...] All in all, it was so much more than I had expected. Thank you for that, dear Alia! I can wholeheartedly recommend the coaching."


Owner of Sunnyside Fasten

"Alia is a totally authentic coach. She advised me intuitively and empathetically when I had communication problems with a very good friend. Alia put the topic in appropriate words and gave me concrete, actionable tips on how to be clear, determined and can affectionately appear in the next conversation-  just great and totally recommended!"


graphic designer

"Alia is a very warm person, with whom I felt 100% safe and accepted at every moment. During the coaching with her I was able to learn a lot about myself, strengthen my self-esteem and break free from negative beliefs. Thank you so much for your work and your empathy, Alia - I will definitely recommend you!"

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